søndag 12. mars 2017

3D Printed Utility Desk Shelf

While living in tiny a dorm room you learn one trick right away - you have to use your vertical space!
To make use of a living space with small area you it's absolutely necessary to stack your items. This produces a challenge if you need a decent working area.
I, like most college students, picked up my furniture from IKEA. While my desk certainly was cheap it's somewhat lacking in working space. My computer would take up most of the desk which left little room for reading and note taking books.
This is the challenge I set out to solve!

I'm going to show you how to make your very own smart desk extender!
It's a clever solution where you get an level on your desk for your laptop, pens and other items to keep close, and even a second monitor.
This is also adds some smarts to your desk with utility features! The Smart Desk Space Extender comes with a phone grip and headset hook - both of which hovers your items above your desk. It also comes with cable managers making it easier to keep all cables out of your way!
The desk extender parts are 3D printed meaning you'll be using a robot to upgrade your working area. What exciting times we live in!

Click here for detailed build instructions.