søndag 14. februar 2016

I won a prize

I won a prize from Instructables!
Now, a while ago I wrote about how I made my own DIY Grow Light. Along with that blog post was the link to a instructable entry I had made. This contained all the details on how the light was made and how other people can make their own.

I entered this instructable in a contest they were running at the time, the theme of the contest was Indoor Gardening. Well apparently enough people liked my design and solution so I won third prize in their competition.

I just received my prize and keeping with the theme of the contest, I received a Hydroponics Experiment Kit. This kit is meant to experiment with different growth solutions for plants in hydroponics. Hydroponics in a couple of words, means growing plants in a water and nutrient solution instead of using soil. Also in my prize pack was an instructables t-shirt and a couple of stickers.
All in all it was really fun getting recognized for one of my projects.

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