torsdag 2. februar 2017

Everyday Carry Sheet

Everyday I go out of the house I have some pre-determined items I'll always want at hand. Mostly stuff for making my interactions with different technology a lot easier. My problem was that I sometimes change bags depending on how many books I'll need that day.
So while I was changing bags I still needed the same technology tools every day. That's why I made a Everyday Carry Sheet!

This is a plastic sheet with elastic bands meant to hold all the stuff I might want on hand in a day. Now it only takes two seconds to change bags while keeping all my stuff. Just pull out the sheet from one bag, and dump it in another! It also has the benefit of keeping my stuff more organized and using less space in my bag.
Head on over to instructables to see how I made it!

Introduction at Instructables:
Today I'll be showing you how to make an Everyday Carry Sheet! This is a great way to keep all your essential items in one place that is easy to take out and chuck into whatever bag you're using on a specific day!

So what is this, you ask? Well when going to school I found myself carrying a set of items everyday. This I could need on any day regardless what I was going to do. I wanted an easy and organized way to carry all these items. So the Everyday Carry Sheet was born!

Let's get started!

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