onsdag 23. desember 2015

3D Printed Laptop Stand - Minmal Material

I've wanted a laptop stand for my desk for a while. I would like to raise my laptop ca 12 cm to give more room on my desk for books and a keybord, as well as giving a better viewing angle.

There exists some designs of laptop stand to be 3D printed, but all of these use a massive amount of plastic when they are printed. I set out to solve this problem. I wanted a laptop stand which could be 3D printed without going through half a spool of material.
This is my first real experience with designing something in 3D and printing it.

The result:

The file for printing your own stand can be downloaded here.

I used Autodesk Inventor. It was a fine program, but next time I'm designing something I'll look into Fusion 360 to compare the programs.

Description at thingiverse:
This lets you print a laptop stand with minimal material and print time.

This stand will raise you laptop about 12 cm. The stand gives better viewing angle, and more room on your desk.

Print as many copies of this model as you need. Connect the parts together with a couple of pencils, to keep all the parts on the same line.

Just one of these stand parts is strong enough to hold my computer, which weighs about 2 kg.

I printed them with 10% infill, it took about 40 mins per part.
Print with greater infill for a greater stability. This means you can print fewer parts.

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