lørdag 19. desember 2015

Intel IoT kit

I've been chosen by Intel and Instructables by Autodesk to receive a free kit with the development board Intel Edison along with loads of sensors.

This is supposed to seed the maker movement with Edison boards to get a lot of new innovative projects.
You had to write an application to receive one of the kits, so I'm happy I was chosen. I wrote about what I was going to make with the Edison. Basically what I want to make is an automated study environment. That means a micro controller will use sensors to both monitor and regulate the environment to my preferences.

The development kit I got from Intel includes:

  • Intel Edison
  • Grove Air quality sensor 
  • Grove Encoder 
  • Grove Flame Sensor 
  • Grove Gas Sensor (MQ2) 
  • Grove Infrared Temperature Sensor 
  • Grove Moisture Sensor 
  • Grove SPDT Relay (30A) 
  • Grove Speaker

This is the kit meant for home automation, which was perfect.
As you can see, all that hardware holds a lot of potential!

I will post later about the project I've made. Right now I'm going to unbox the package I got from Intel:

Clockwise from top left: Intel Edison. Sensors. USB micro cable. 12 V power supply with different plugs.
That's a lot of hardware!

The Edison board.

All the sensors.

You can read more about the competition here.

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