lørdag 26. desember 2015

Headset Reduction

Several years ago I bought the Fatal1ty gaming headset. I still have the headset in working condition and it has great sound.
The only thing is, the headset is huge! This means the headset is not practical for everyday use. I still enjoy the quality audio from the headset though, so I don't want to completely put it away.

My plan is to make a new headset where I reuse the audio drivers from the fatal1ty headset. This should give me a slimmer, more practical headset, with great sound.
The way I'm going about this is first tearing open the old headset, and then I will 3D model a new headset. Later, I'm going to get the headset 3D printed before I mount everything back together.

This is the first project I'm modeling in Autodesk's software Fusion 360. I imagine there will be a steep learning curve.

The headset I'm starting out with. As you can see, it's huge.

My own headset tore open. That's some great audio drivers.

Modeling the new ear muffs.

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