fredag 17. juni 2016

Automation with Arduino and RF Signals!

I've created yet another tutorial over at instructables.
Just like last time I tried my hands on making a tutorial video. The whole work flow felt a lot smoother and quicker this time. Definitely because this wasn't my first time making a video like this and editing in premiere pro.

I like this new format so I'll be doing more of these videos along with detailed instructions. That is, if I have the time. Making a video along with the project itself takes a lot of time. When a project is pressed for time I'll have to forego the videos to finish the project on time. Or I could live with releasing the video a while after the project has finished.
Either way I'm just happy having the time for DIY stuff!

Introduction at instructables:
Imagine the middle of the winter, it’s cold and dark outside, but thanks to automation you wake up to a warm and bright room, with a hot cup of coffee steaming by the side of your bed. This is what I'll show you!

Learning to control RF signals from an Arduino opens a world of possibilities. Here's some quick examples of what I've previously done with this technique:

  • Turn things on and off with sound or motion
  • Lights that adjust their brightness according to time of day or how bright a room is
  • Turn on a heating oven or a cooling fan according to temperature
  • Automatically turn of your 3D printer when it has finished printing

Let’s get started!

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