fredag 10. juni 2016

Headset Reduction: Finished product!

As you can see the headset got a slick coat of black paint. Looks fantastic!

Thats a fully 3D printed headset completely designed by myself!

In the previous headset reduction post I was thinking about what to do about the stiff headset band. I tried to solve this by removing some of the plastic from the backside, to make the band weaker. This helped. However, as it turns out this wasn't really necessary. A lot of the bend and flex on the headset comes from the steel wires that grips the ear muffs. Meaning the headset band dosen't really need to be all that flexible. So I was concerned on solving a problem that I actually didn't have. Stiff headset band, no problem!

Logo came out great

When I originally started this project my goal was to minimize the overall size of the headset. I have to say I was only somewhat succesful. The headset is definitaly smaller, especially with the band, but the ear muffs are about as big as they were.
So while I only partially succeeded in making the ovaral size smaller, I'm very much pleased with the end result. I wanted a decent headset that I could wear outside of my home. And this result is a huge improvement over the bulky gaming headset I ripped apart.

I'm so satisfied by the right- and left side indicators

I will eventually do a full write up of all the details in making this headet. I'll link the instructable here when it is finished.

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