fredag 10. juni 2016

DIY Powerful LED Panel - Video and Work Light

Another new project! I have just created a powerfull LED panel that currently sits and illumates why room. 
This was a fun project for me because I created something I needed. The dorm room I'm renting is dark and I'm not allowed to mount anything to the wall or roof. This meant I needed a compact and bright lamp that would spread a lot of light, without being mounted to anything. That's how I came up with the idea of making a slim LED panel that sits on top a tripod. This I can place nearly everywhere!

It was also fun to try my hands on some filmmaking. I documented the whole build on video with a voice over that I uploaded to youtube. For your viewing pleasure, heres the video:

As always I made detailed build instructions and these can be found at instructables.

Today I am going to show you how to make a bright and cheap LED panel. I wanted a bright light for my working area, this panel comes with over 200 LEDs and I used just about 10 bucks to make it.

The panel is super bright and great to use as a video light, a grow light for plants, or whenever you need a lot of light while working!

We will be making the LED panel and 3D printing a tripod adapter. This means you have a vast amount of options for mounting the light. This also means the complete light takes virtually no space if you need to pack it. Perfect for tiny workspaces or traveling to a photo shoot.

Here we go!

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